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We Are Spasmodica 2005 CD Desktop Calendar

This 12-month calendar is the perfect size for your desk! Each month shows a different Spasmodica character complete with their bio. Add some fun practicality to your bland workspace/dorm room/wherever, while demonstrating your hipster taste to ho-hum colleagues/room mates/whomevers.

Btw, this baby ain't ever goin' on sale. And only a small handful have been produced, so get one while you still can.

Similar in size to a standard CD jewel case. Unlike a standard CD case, the top/lid of this holder folds only partially back to act as a stand, while the main body leans at about a 30-degree angle for ideal viewing of the calendar. This calendar will help you kick ass in the new year, yo.

Sold out!

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2005 CD Desktop Calendar - cover, in the case, and a sampling of months

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