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Newsies for March 2004

First-ever Limited-edition Dolls

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Introducing Kili-kili and Bicupid, Limited-edition Dolls

Spasmodica has introduced it's first set of limited-edition dolls. Only three of each character have been produced! Oh, my!

Kili-Kili has hairy pitsBicupid wants you

Kili-kili bumped his head and can't stop seeing stars. But his worst problems are his hairy armpits. Ugh!

Bicupid goes both ways, up and down, but never side to side. And most of all, Bicupid loves you through and through. Mmmm.

These dolls are so hot and stinky that you can't get them here. They're only available from our beloved buddies at MorningCraft.

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