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Newsies for July 2004

"Characters by Design" Toy Art Exhibit
Rotofugi Toy Store & Gallery Opening in Chicago

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"Characters by Design" Toy Art Exhibit

Spasmodica will be featured in the "Characters by Design" Toy Art Exhibit at Gray Matters Gallery in Dallas. The show, curated by Jason Cohen, opens July 7, 2004 and runs until August 7, 2004. Both nationally known and local artists will participate. The gallery is located at 113 N. Haskell Ave.

A few familiar Spasmodica creatures will be on display, as well as a trio of new, extra large, specially created characters named Meouch, Octofred's Cousin and Smoosh.

The show is being described as "an investigation into the various ways that artists have come to use the actual, physical form of toys to describe their intentions and to also relive some of the magic and wonder that was always present with the arrival of a new toy."

The exhibit's opening reception is scheduled for Saturday, July 10, 2004 from 7-10 pm. I plan to be there, so please say "hello" if you're able to attend.

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Rotofugi is Coming! Let's Party!

It's about damn time. Chicago's very own collectible toy store and gallery, Rotofugi, will be opening its doors this July 2004. This fine establishment where you should spend lots of money is located at 1953 W. Chicago Ave. in the East Village neighborhood of Chi-town. They'll be carrying lots of in-demand and hard-to-comeby character toy lines. And yes, Spasmodica will be stocked on their shelves too. Hooray! But wait. There's more ...

You're invited to attend Rotofugi's Grand Opening Party slated for Friday, July 30, 2004 at 7 pm. The opening party will coincide with their first gallery exhibit titled "The Monkey Show," Friday, July 30th at 7 pm. This travelling art exhibit consists of cool monkey toys customized by artists from around the world. Invite everyone you know to attend and we hope to see you there!

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