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Newsies for January 2005

Sold Out: 2005 Spasmodica Calendars
Where's Nastasiya, Yo?

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Current News

Sold Out: 2005 Spasmodica Calendars

Thanks to everyone who ordered a Spasmodica 2005 CD Desktop Calendar. I'm happy to report that these lovelies are sold out! But don't fret. I'll order an ample supply next year to make sure there's enough to go 'round. Gosh.

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Where's Nastasiya, Yo?

Nastasiya is currently unavailable for comment or purchaseNastasiya's a fairly new character, so why is she a no show?! Well, Nastasiya was invited to host an Underachievers Unlimited Workshop in Seattle. The workshop has been well received, and the planners decided to extend its run for several months. We miss Nastasiya, but we look forward to seeing her return some time in the fall.

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